Preposition is a word that shows relation between two nouns or pronouns.

Kind of Preposition:

1-Simple Preposition:-

 Simple Prepositions are one word Preposition.  Such as at, on, from, with, upon, up, over, in, after, by, for, off, till etc.

  • The book is under the table.
  • I am watching at the background.
  • I am always with you.

2-Compound Preposition:- 

The preposition which is made by adding any prefix, is called Compound Preposition. Such as about, beneath, beside, aside, before, alone, below, underneath, beyond, outside, inside, across, within, without etc.

  • You can not pass the examination without preparation.
  • I know about you.
  • I’ll reach there before you.
  • I can go to that place alone.
  • You should pay your income tax return within one months.

3-Distinguished Preposition:-

Sometimes “o” and “a” are used like a preposition, then these words are called Distinguished Preposition. Such as

  • It is five o’clock. =means = five on clock -> Here “o” means “on” so ‘O’ is a Distinguished Preposition.
  • I purchased cloth at one yard s rupee.  Here ‘a rupee’ means ‘for a rupee’ so”A” is a Distinguished Preposition.

4-Participial Preposition:- 

The Preposition in which ‘ing’ is added is called Participial Preposition. Such as during, concerning, considering, pending, notwithstanding, respecting, admitting, regarding etc.

  • You played well, considering you inexperience.
  • Still you don’t know anything regarding this topic.
  • You had less chance for succeeding, notwithstanding you tried your best.

5-Special Preposition:- 

There are only two Special Preposition. That is But & Than.
A- Than:- This word is conjunction but sometimes it is used as a preposition. Such as

  • I can not accept less than thirty rupees for this book.

B- But:-This word is also conjunction but sometimes it is also used like a conjunction that time its meaning is “except” or “in addition to” or “besides.” Such as

  • What could I do but request?
  • None but brave deserves the fair.

C- A:- sometimes “A” is also used as a Special Preposition. Such as

  • My wages are 100 rupees a day.
  • I meet him once a week.
  • Milk is being sold Rs. 20/- a liter.

6-Prepositional Phrase:- 

When a noun is used between two prepositions, those words are called Prepositional Phrase. Such as by means of, with regard to, because of, instead to, on account of, in opposition to, for the sake of, in course of time, in front of, in order to, in place of etc.

  • The man dies in course of time.
  • You will have to work hard in order to pass the examination.
  • I choose English in place of Sanskrit.
  • There is a gate in front of my house.
  • Armies give their life for the sake of their country.
  • He didn’t come in class because of illness.

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