Noun is the name of person, place, things, quality, condition etc.
OR  Name is noun.

There are five types of Noun

1.Proper Noun:-  Proper Noun is the name of definite person, place, things, animals etc. Such as

  • Ram   -- Ram is a name of a definite person.
  • Ganga – Ganga is a name of a definite river.
  • Reynold – Reynold is a name of a definite pen.
  • Varanasi -- Varanasi is a name of a definite place.

2-Common Noun:- Common Noun is the name of indefinite person, place, things, condition, quality etc. Such as river, pen, king, city, country, animal, boy, girl etc.

3-Collective Noun:- The Noun which denotes a group of persons, animals or things is called collective noun.Such as
  • Class – A group of boys and girls.
  • Family  -- A group of parents and children.
  • Army – A group of soldiers.

4-Material Noun:- Material noun is the name of substance with which we can make things. OR The noun of which other thing can be made or which is used for eating or drinking is called material noun. Such as Gold, silver, water, milk, iron, sugar, salt etc.

  • A chair is made of wood.
  • Curd is made of milk.
  • This is made of gold.
  • Oil is made from mustard.

Note – Material Noun is generally  uncountable noun but sometimes we use it as countable. In doing so, that material noun becomes or turns into Common Noun. And when material noun is used as Common Noun, we use article (a, an, the) before that material noun. For Example.

Material Noun --  Iron is a metal.
Common Noun --  we press our clothes with an Iron.
Material Noun --  We write on paper.
Common Noun – “The  Hindustan Times” is a paper.

5- Abstract Noun:-It is the name of qualty, action, and state-love, honesty, hatred. In other words we can say that noun which we can’t touch, taste, only we can feel in our hearts by our feelings is called abstract noun. Such as

  • Honesty  is the best policy.
  • Music is divine.
  • Love is God.
  • Childhood  is unique
  • Old age is a second childhood.

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