Adjective is a word which qualifies or modifies any noun-pronoun or gives some extra knowledge about it, is called Adjective.

  • Sita was an ideal wife.
  • Tom was a naughty boy.

Kinds of Adjective:- There are ten types of Adjective.

1-Adjective of Quality:-
The Adjective which explains quality, fault, aspect, color of any person or things is called Adjective of quality. Such as

  • Brutus was an ideal man of Rome.
  • I have a white cow.
  • I am black.

2-Proper Adjective:- The Adjective which is formed by Proper Noun is called Proper Adjective. Such as

Proper Noun
Proper Adjective

  • I like Chinese toys.
  • The English language is not very difficult.
  • Indian farmers are very hard worker.

3-Interrogative Adjective:- The Adjective which is used to ask question, is called Interrogative adjective. Such as what, which, whose etc. And after these words, always noun is used.

  • Whose son are you?
  • What things do you want?
  • Which book do you like most?

4-Possessive Adjective:- The word which denotes possession is called Possessive Adjective. Possessive adjective are my, your, our, their, his, her, its etc.

  • You are my friend.
  • Sita has completed her work.
  • I am satisfied with your work.

5-Demonstrative Adjective:-The adjective which is used to indicate the person, place, things, animals etc. ,is called Demonstrative Pronoun. Demonstrative Pronouns are this, that, these, those. After these words, noun is used. Such as

  • This book is good.
  • Those flowers are beautiful.
  • Is that pen not good?
  • These students are very good.

6-Distributive Adjective:- The adjective that shows the distribution of person or things separately, is called Distributive Adjective. Such as each, every, either, neither etc.

  • Every boy got a prize.
  • Every girl enjoyed.
  • I bought neither pen.
  • I shall buy either pen.

Note: --- Each, either, neither are Pronoun and Adjective, but “every” is only Adjective.
“Each of them“ can be and “everyone of them” can be  but  “Every of them” can not be
7-Adjective of Number:-The Adjective that shows the number of noun or pronoun, is called Adjective of Number or Numeral Adjective.After Numeral Adjective, countable noun is used.
 There are three types of Numeral Adjective.

  1. Definite Adjective of Number
  2. Indefinite Adjective of Number
  3. Distributive Numeral Adjective

  1. Definite Adjective of Number:-It is used to denote exact number /position of subject.  It is also four types
    1. Cardinal :- This definite numeral adjective denotes the number of noun/pronoun. Such as one, two, three, four……etc.
    2. Ordinal:- It denotes the series/serial of noun or pronoun. Such as first, second, third, fourth, fifth…….etc.
    3. Multiplicative:- It denotes multiplication. Such as single, double, triple, fourfold…..etc.
    4. Fractional:- It denotes the fraction of noun or pronoun. Such as Half, one third, two third, one fourth..etc.
  2. Indefinite Numeral Adjective:-The adjective which does not denote the definite number of noun or pronoun is called Indefinite Numeral Adjective.Such as some, any, no, most, enough, etc.

  • Some boys are playing in the field.
  • I have some books on grammar.
  • I have no extra pen.
  • I have taught many boys.
  • All men must die.
  • Mr. Washington passed several examinations.
  1. Distributive Numeral Adjective:-These Adjectives are similar to Distributive Adjectives and used to indicate nouns as individual or separately. Such as

  • Each of students will do their work.
  • Every farmer should cultivate.
  • I bought neither of clothes.
8-Adjective of Quantity:- The Adjective that shows the quantity of noun or pronoun is called Adjective of quantity. Such as whole, some, little, all, few, no, any, enough, etc. After Adjective of quantity, uncountable noun is be used.

  • Give me some milk.
  • They have enough good.
  • I ate some rice.
  • He has little knowledge.
  • She ate whole apple.

9-Emphasizing Adjective:-The word which is used to emphasize the noun or pronoun is called Emphasizing Adjective. Such as “own”  and “very”

  • Mind your own business.
  • I am my own boss.
  • This is the very man who helped me.

10-Exclamatory Adjective:-The word which is used to show surprise, joy,sorrow etc. is called Exclamatory Adjective. Such as “what”

  • What a boy you are!
  • What an idea!
  • What a game!
  • What a lucky she is!

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